Hi, it's Jon.

Welcome to Mindfulness for Lawyers: Lock it Down!

(Reading time: three minutes)

This program will help you create a mindfulness practice that sticks.


You have one goal: practice mindfulness a tiny bit each day.

(Anything more than that is a bonus.)

Seriously: it could be for just one minute, or 30 seconds, or five seconds. Anything but zero seconds.

How do you practice mindfulness? One easy way is to watch your breath

(I'll share other simple practices later. You can use whichever ones you like.)


This isn't a solo mission. You've got help: your group.

These are your "gym buddies" for mindfulness. You'll support, motivate, and encourage each other to do the practice.

The best thing to do with your group: meditate together.

Grab each other for impromptu sessions in someone's office.

Schedule a session in advance.

Whatever works.

If you want to meditate, and only one or two group-mates are available, that's fine! Practice with whoever's around.

Again, these sessions can be short if you don't have much time.

Also, check in with your group-mates now and then. How's the practice going? Have they been doing it? Do they need a little friendly support? 

Use group emails, send texts, or just swing by in person.

Tracking your Progress:

When building a new habit, it's helpful and motivating to track your progress. Here's how.

Print out the LID tracking form: 

  • If you're on a computer right now, click here.

  • If you're on your phone, hop on your computer and go to:


When you do your tiny bit of mindfulness for the day, mark it down on the tracking form. If it was a group session, mark that down as well.

The Part where we bribe you 😁

At the end of the program, we'll hold a raffle for a prize.

The number of sessions you marked down will count as your "raffle tickets," so the more days you practice, the better your odds of winning!

(Group sessions will count for more than solo sessions, so get out there and grab your group-mates for quick, impromptu meditations.) 

Got Questions?

You can always text me. If you signed up by phone, you'll get some LID materials by text. Just respond to those texts to reach me.

You can email me at jon@mindfulnessforlawyers.com.




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