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“The mindfulness training has been immensely helpful. Jon Krop effectively communicates how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday routine.  By carving out mere moments in my day, my productivity, focus, and effectiveness have increased, and my stress has decreased.  I have more bandwidth to get done what I need simply by utilizing mindfulness techniques.” 

-Christina Ponig Maccio, Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US)


"Jon is both insightful and engaging.  He understands the realities of being a lawyer, and he is able to provide helpful strategies and techniques to address the daily stress and pressures."

-Leah Bruno, Chicago Managing Partner, Dentons


"Phenomenal speaker. One of the best sessions I've had at Cleary."

-Attorney, Cleary Gottlieb


"One of the best instructors I have seen. Very well organized and engaging."

-Attorney, Dentons


I’ve been doing programming for law firms for 25 years, and I will say that Jon soared to the top of my list of excellent presenters. He tied his topic to the practice of law in the best way possible, with real stories of how it improved his practice.

-Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Director of Professional Development, Foley & Lardner LLP


I started the mindfulness training with a healthy skepticism but open mind. Although the time commitment on a daily basis is minimal, as I have progressed through my practice I was amazed to see first subtle, then meaningful changes in my daily life. Not only have I been able to reduce stress, but I have found that my day feels more manageable even in the midst of chaos. I am able to approach difficult negotiations, time-sensitive client needs, a demanding workload and administrative burdens more calmly, with a broader outlook and genuine optimism.

-Amber Banks, Partner, Fried Frank LLP


"An eye-opening introduction to a new way of dealing with stress. I wish someone had taught me this in law school."

-Brett Solberg, Associate, DLA Piper LLP (US)

Jon was my favorite speaker of the whole academy. He made his content accessible and easy to understand. He used a great blend of professionalism and good humor to establish his credibility. These skills are what I most immediately want to incorporate into my everyday life as a lawyer.”

-Attorney, Akin Gump


In the workshop I attended, Jon persuasively explains the benefits of mindfulness for attorneys.  More importantly, he has a clear understanding of the challenges the typical “lawyer brain” faces when trying to begin a mindfulness practice, and he offers concrete suggestions for breaking through this resistance.  Although I have also taught mindfulness to law students, prison inmates, prosecutors, and other adults for many years now, I truly learned (and then borrowed) some of Jon's ideas and techniques for my own practice and presentations.  Lastly, I would note that his presentation was very professional and well suited to the legal world.  His PowerPoint was uncluttered and thoughtfully designed to augment his words. I wholeheartedly recommend Jon as a mindfulness presenter and I would definitely attend one of his trainings again.

-David M. Zlotnick, Professor of Experiential Education, Roger Williams University School of Law


"The mindfulness methods are uncomplicated, everyday strategies that I have been able to employ in the most hectic of environments to help me focus and center my mind."
-Jibin Luke, Associate, DLA Piper LLP (US)


“Jon offered an engaging session with practical guidance and interactive exercises helpful for the beginner and experienced meditator alike.  Jon debunks myths and misconceptions about the practice of mindfulness and offers simple, powerful ways to incorporate the practice into lawyers’ overly-scheduled, pressure-filled days.  Jon provided tools for which the “I don’t have time” excuse simply does not apply, that can have meaningful impact on the success, happiness and overall quality of life of busy professionals.  Jon made meditation not only practical, but fun and something participants were eager to implement in their lives.

-James Stewart, Associate, DLA Piper LLP (US)


"Jon's experiential approach to teaching mindfulness to 1Ls really resonated with them -- even the initially skeptical. We recommend Jon wholeheartedly for any law school or organization that cares about the well-being and success of its lawyers or lawyers-in-training."

-Susan Fine, Director of Professional Development, George Washington University Law School


"I found the program to be innovative, beneficial and well-suited for lawyers."

-Attorney, Dentons