Our most popular program and, in our opinion, the best place to start.

This workshop gives legal professionals the skills to reduce stress, improve performance, and increase well-being. Jon teaches a simple, effective meditation technique and other mindfulness tools tailored to a lawyer’s unique challenges and busy workday. Participants leave with everything they need to establish a robust mindfulness practice.

Other Workshops

In addition to the foundational mindfulness workshop, we offer workshops tailored to your organization’s needs and covering any of these topics, alone or in combination:

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Conquering Stress and Burnout

The legal profession is in a mental health crisis. A recent study reveals alarming rates of lawyer stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, and substance abuse.

Mindfulness can help. As the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being noted in August 2017, “Research has found that mindfulness can reduce rumination, stress, depression, and anxiety.” Studies also show that mindfulness can help prevent addiction relapses.

This workshop offers evidence-supported strategies for detecting stress and anxiety early and managing them skillfully so lawyers can enjoy a long, healthy, and successful tenure in the profession.

Defeating Digital Distractions

Modern technology often feels addictive, and this is no accident. These devices were precision-engineered to grab and hold our attention. It’s up to us to learn how to use our devices skillfully so they enhance, rather than erode, our productivity and well-being.

In this workshop, we do just that. Participants learn how to minimize the disruptive impact of their devices so they can enjoy their benefits while avoiding their pitfalls. The workshop draws on mindfulness, cognitive psychology, user experience design, and digital product philosophy.

Painless Public Speaking

Law firms work hard to train their lawyers for oral argument, depositions, client pitches, and other occasions that call for public speaking. Unfortunately, this training doesn’t prepare lawyers for the intense performance anxiety that often arises. This anxiety can derail a lawyer’s performance and throw all that training out the window.

Luckily, this is preventable.

This workshop explores simple, effective ways to help your lawyers prepare psychologically for public speaking so they can remain calm under pressure and execute at the highest level. The workshop draws on mindfulness, positive psychology, and third-wave cognitive therapy.

Peak Performance Under Pressure

Lawyers routinely encounter situations that aren’t merely stressful but provoke difficult emotions like fear, anger, and frustration. Examples include surprise weekend work; unexpected disruptions in a deal or case; tight deadlines; and difficult interactions with opposing counsel, clients, and even colleagues.

In these situations, lawyers must remain calm and focused, respond thoughtfully rather than impulsively, and manage their own emotional state so they can perform at their peak.

This workshop explores effective practices for navigating the emotional challenges lawyers face. These practices draw from cognitive-behavioral therapy, the Southeast Asian and Indo-Tibetan meditative traditions, and the contemporary mindfulness-based therapies pioneered by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Solving Sleep Problems

Sleep: we all need it to function, and we all seem to be getting too little of it. Occasional, short-term sleep issues are no cause for concern, but chronic insomnia can harm a person’s health, well-being, and ability to function. Lawyers are especially susceptible due to the stresses and high stakes of our work.

In this workshop, we explore strategies for overcoming insomnia and improving sleep quality. We learn ways to avoid common sleep mistakes, to make our bedrooms and lifestyles more conducive to healthy sleep, and to combat stress and negative thought patterns around sleep. The workshop draws on mindfulness, sleep psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (“CBTi”).